Tuesday, April 5, 2016

April Card share

Sharing some cards that I have made throughout April.. :) 

This was for a card swap, based on a sketch and a photo of some stunning Peacocks.. 

Custom ordered card for a little birthday girl.. 
Card Kit swap - 

Hunter's awesome Marvels themed Card In A Box.. 

Craft Club - Classroom

Welcome back.. Today I wanted to share with you some of the set up that we've done in our enclosed patio for the Creative Craft Club sessions.. 

The main focus for me before being able to hold the first session was to actually have this "upcoming sessions display" FULL!  I also did up a calendar with photos of the projects, dates / times and a little bit of details about what we will be using / creating.. 

Then here is a little area that Hunter helped to put together displaying our custom creations of all sorts styles and themes.. On the left is the storage cubes for the class items needed for the sessions.. 

Each person attending gets their own crafting space with their own products to use.. It includes a small craft mat, cutter, double sided tape, pencil, eraser, sissors, distress tool, foam brush, 3D foam squares..  

However, not all of these will be set up for every class.. The only products that will be in each container are those that will actually be required for that particular session.. (Like this one prepared for the Card In A Box session) 

Thank you for joining me today! I hope you've got some inspiration to get your craft on!! Have a nice day, Toni.. :) 

Creative Craft Club

With much encouragement from many of my friends and family, I have finally taken the leap into setting up a classroom and hosting sessions for a Craft Club.. 

The first week of sessions we created a Card In A Box.. :) 

I was stoked to have boys booked in too!! Of course my two joined in on that session to help out! :) 

Every group have had matching kits, but each session have been different themes! (Except the beautiful girl in the boys session, she got to have a stunning Fairy theme instead of the Masculine kit.. lol) 

I can't express how grateful I am to have the community really getting into the crafting sessions and booking out so many sessions! 
 We are looking at holding some Adult sessions and Crops very soon!! 

So far I've had loads of positive feedback and the vibes have been so exciting! 

Keep an eye out tomorrow for some photos of our awesome Craft Club space set up.. :) 

Magnolia Lane and Memory Maze Photo book..

Hey Hey crafters..  Today I'm bringing you another project for Memory Maze. I spent over 4 hours on this thing.. ahh.. No matter what I was doing, it just wasn't flowing for me..
Although I'm pretty happy with the finished project now though..  Not every project can be as awesome as the last or next! lol..
 Although I am proud of the fact that just like the other one I did, this one I designed myself.. No Pinterest or other inspirations included in this album.. All measurements and folds are again my own..

I started off with some white cardstock measuring 6&1/2 " x 12"..
I used a recent Magnolia Lane 6x6 paper pad for the pattern paper and some Memory Maze goodies..
The large chipboard piece has been coloured with Pinecone ink then some Glossy Accents and sprinkles of Distress Glitter on top.. The delicate butterfly has been coloured with a Purple H2O.. It really shines off the page!

This is the middle of the photo book / album when you open it.. To the left are some tags on the front of a pull out 12" piece.. - More on that in a moment -

Now, to the right is this stunning Memory Maze Doily that has been coloured with a Pinecone ink then coated with some Blue Kindy Glitz and a few bling Pearl dots plus the beautiful MM Bling in the middle.. love love!  This piece actually opens up to the right..

This entire side has plenty of room for some 6x4 photos.. The Corrugated card is just for display at the moment..
It can be opened to the right for photos or journaling underneath and then pulled open towards the right to reveal more layers..
Here is some room for more photos.. This left flap piece opens out to the left..
It uncovers some tags for either small photos or journaling..
Here is the left side.. That gorgeous Memory Maze piece has been coloured simply by using the Pinecone Ink again and some purple Kindy Glitz..
There are three tags up the top for small / medium photos or journaling and again another tag on the bottom.. The diecut of the lady, has not been attached..

As you can see it opens out too.. Just plain and simple though, no extra embellishments or papers.. The back side of this is the same.. There is room for two 6x4 photos on either side..

Lastly, I really wanted to show you a brand new stencil out by Memory Maze.. I am totally LOVING IT! However, this is how hard my creative process was - no matter what I did, I just couldn't get it to something that suited the book / album.. I was sooooo far off it was silly!! I eventually cut pieces off.. TWICE something went in the bin cause I just couldn't get my colours right with this stencil...
** Absolutely NOT the stencils fault! Completely MINE! :( 
I really do love this design and am hoping that once my crafting mojo is back, I will be able to create something amazing with it!! :)
Memory Maze products used: