Sunday, January 3, 2016

Fairy Garden - The Beginning 2016

This year I have not made any resolutions!!! Instead I have made myself a "year long project"..

Over the entire year (I will be pacing myself.. lol) I will be gathering all sorts of different goodies for a garden outside my bedroom window.. Normally Fairy Gardens are only quite small, but this one is going to be quite big..   I am hoping this will be a space for me to chill out, zone out, sort of a Zen area for the times that I need to just keep thinking positively..
Just so you all get an understanding of why this is such a big deal to me, this photo is of the garden beforehand.. I refuse to do any gardening.. I don't like plants / flowers or anything else to do with gardens. Honestly!  My Mum put in some fool-hardy and tough plants in here a while a go, with hopes that I wouldn't be able to kill them quite as quickly as I did the last lot, or the lot before that, or before that, or before that -- ehh, you get the idea.. lol  
Now with the idea of my project on the way, my Mum was again tasked with the job of clearing out the garden so that I can start off with a clean base.. Seriously, if she didn't the whole lot would have been ripped out and thrown in the bin.. So Mum delicately replanted them in other garden instead.. lol..

This year I intend on sharing some of my progress photos with you while building my Fairy Garden.. I hope you will join me on this journey!! I would LOVE it if you decided to make your own too!! If you do, please LET ME KNOW!! :)
See you again soon... Toni.. xoxo

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