Monday, January 4, 2016

Art Journal Page - Believe

Yesterday I brought to you the idea of my Fairy Garden... Well to start the year off with some fun, I made this beautiful Fairy Themed "Believe" art journal page to express the project ahead..

First I started off with the white journal base page.. I added a stencil mask and the pink mist..
Once dry I used the same stencil mask, but on an angle and pasted over some clear Impasto and sprayed with both a light purple and a heavier purple shade, I finished the back off with some glitter while it was still wet..
Next down was the mesh ribbon on the right side.. Using some left over torn scraps from the Kaiser - Fairy Dust collection, I added the white piece at the bottom with the scripts on it and the vertical teal piece..
To embellish the page I used the die-cuts from the same collection and 3D'd them all.
Very last step was to lay the strip of white ribbon on the right side and to glue into my actual Art Journal book.
I have let my Art Journaling slip away last year, so I very much look forward to adding to it with some more pages very soon..

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