Wednesday, January 6, 2016

RAK Christmas Cards

This past Christmas, my boys and I decided to share some Holiday Cheer... In my local town, there had been reports of a variety of people "Paying It Forward".. This is such a lovely thing to read and hear about as I am very passionate myself about this project.. We wanted to add to the spirit, so gave away these Christmas cards to random strangers.
All of these cards were made by me, AT A CLASS! I don't do anything with cards that I make in class other than put them in a box and then store in the cupboard.. lol..
Really, what better way to use them!!!!! :)

One of the "things to do" on my list for 2016 is to go through all of my swap cards and class cards, organise them and share them forward to some of the local Nursing homes or Charities.
I have always thought it was a shame that such beautiful work had been going to waste for so long, but now my boys and I are going to set it right and hopefully put a smile on someone else face too!
What do you do with your swap or class cards????
Would you like to that up this challenge to forward on your cards too??  
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 Toni.. xoxo

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