Thursday, January 28, 2016

Valentine's - Slider Card

Recently while Hunter and I were searching through Pinterest, he found a really fun Plane Slider Card..   We didn't have a plane, so we had a look at some of our favourite 3D stickers and found this lovely little love birds one.. Hunter adored it and picked it right away..
So with that picked, we got some cute Valentines paper (old 6x6 paper pad stash) and started making our card..

I actually really enjoyed making this card and with intend to make some bases so that when I make more in the future, it wont take anywhere neat as long.. I didn't use any tutorials for the measurements of the card, I like to work these things out for myself by just looking at templates..
Here is the card slid open..

To embellish the card, we picked out some flowers and used some glitter to make it pretty.. :)


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