Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Fairy Garden - January 2016

 This year I am creating a special Fairy Garden.. This area will be sort of a Calming / Zen place for me to just chill out at.. Hunter has been awesome at making sure we get the stuff done over the past couple of weeks.. lol

Energy Rocks / Mini Zen

First (with Lane's help) we layered some weed-proofing mesh down, then covered with potting mix to give a nice soft base for the fairy garden..
As part of my soul journey this year, it included a trip to a local store to pick up some Spirit / Energy rocks.. We used an old glass bowl, filled with clean & washed sand to create a Zen garden feel.. Surrounding and grounding it are some rocks from Hunter's "rock collection".. lol..

Fairy House Pot


Next was to crack out special Fairy house pot.. Hunter had the duty of doing this, he loved it!  Since the pot actually split in two halves, we relocated our operation to the Fairy Garden to glue and fill the pot..
Once we were out the front again, we picked the spot right in the middle for the pot.. Hunter was then tasked with opening the Fairies and deciding who was going to live in this house pot while I was filling it up..
We placed sand down and then filled the pot with soil and slid in the broken bits.. It has turned out pretty good actually.. :)
Special mention of the Fairy Dust so they can come alive, fly around and play together..
We have some Glow In The Dark stones that we placed to the sides of the bot so the Fairies can see at nigh time.. The fake grass at the front looks FAB and we can't wait for our big lot to arrive!
Hunter didn't want the blue Fairy to be lonely, so we put Tink out there too!
We made a special pool for our Fairies.. It has a sand base, then covered with blue pebbles and a glass tile on top.. There is also a small bridge on top of it at the moment (which will be getting moved in the future.. lol)  and a tiny little Street Light Lamp by the edge of the pool..
Hunter was having a blast playing with the Fairies.. lol..  He especially loves Tinkerbell   Twinkerbell.. We then added some extra sand and spread it around so we could place the cement Toadstools that my Mum got me for Christmas.. Their position may not be 100% finalised just yet.. Some may change when other Fairy houses and other products arrive throughout the year..
Here is a little Tree House ornament under one of the toadstools..
It was hard getting him out of the garden.. lol.. I finally succeeded by allowing him to play with my inside Fairies in my room..



Yes, we are having a Dino section in our Fairy Garden.. :)

This is only the beginning, as we collect more things for the Dinosaur exhibit we will be able to add more of the Dinosaurs to the garden.. Hunter and I have some big plans for this area too!!
We were very careful not to place the Herbivores too close to the Carnivores.. hehe..

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