Sunday, January 17, 2016

4 fold front card

I lost my mojo for crafting for a few weeks, so trying to not put too much pressure on myself I simply didn't make anything for quite a while! Then finally while searching Pinterest with Hunter we found plenty of projects that we just absolutely wanted to give a go at..
I saw a design for a card that had four flaps open up on the front..  I don't usually click into things to see how they are made, I like to try and figure that out for myself and this project was no exception.. It took me a few scribbles on some paper to get the right measurements and make sure it would all work together nicely.. lol..

The card is on a 6x6 piece of orange cardstock base.. I used a second 6x6 piece for the inside of the card after I had stuck down all the flap doors..
I used the Kaiser - Chase Rainbows collection for the papers and die cuts on this card..
The card itself is very sturdy as I used plenty of layering.. Although it is fairly simple on the design aspect regarding embellishments, I didn't think it would matter too much since the real hero of the card design are all the flap doors themselves..

The fun colours and folds on this card has certainly got me back into the mood to do some crafting again! :) 

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