Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Tea light candle holder

Here is another projects that I made as a Christmas Gift.. This one has made it's way home with my Aunty & Uncle..
It is actually a three tea light candle holder, but I decided to use the centre one as a nest for this cute little red bird instead..
Lane helped me with ideas for this projects.. Happily telling me what did and didn't go together.. lol.. Finding me different products in my stash that would work better than what I had already pulled out.. lol..

After coating the holder with gesso, I stuck the top and bottom pieces together with some embroidery netting stuff in the middle to over hang from the edges.. Then pulled out the hot glue gun and got gluing!
There nest is made up some beautiful crochet doilies and a two tone red & white rose paper flower surrounded by a silver metal bangle (that had to be super glued, as hot glue just wasn't working!)
 Large White Pearl bead on the outside of that with some smaller flowers and two pearl bling strip designs on the outer sides..
Some chipboard Hearts by Memory Maze were coloured white and used with some red micro beads to embellish the project..
Thank you again for visiting today, I hope you have enjoyed viewing my project today..
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