Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Gift Card Pocket album

In one of my card swap groups, this month is to make a Gift Card..
Although I have already made the card that I'm going to send, when the partners were annouced, I noticed that mine had mentioned a little while ago that she had infact made 6 cards... 2 partners -  3 cards each... Ahhhh...... So now I'm trying to quickly make her a couple more before I send the swap off to her..

This is the second Gift Card.. It is actually bit of a pocket album too..

What a wonderful idea for friends or family that live a far distance away or for someone who has everything and will just be receiving gift cards instead of presents.. lol..

Kids - Just like my boys, they receive quite a number of gift cards or cash for christmas and birthdays because we don't live awfully close to Grandparents and Aunt / Uncles.. So how cool would this be if the whole family put in a special gift card of their own into each slot.. and just one package / envelope needs to be sent.. :)

Travelers - How about this!! Know someone that is about to take an adventure? Give them a special little piece of mind with some gift cards / vouchers.. They could be for Petrol, Hotel, Car Hire, Extreme Adventures or a Visa Prepaid..

Retirees - Seriously, just think of the possibilities!! Endless!! Know someone that is retiring? What about a Bunnings / Garden center card, Petrol / Hotel card for travel, Movie card, Magazine subscription card..

Sister / Mother / Daughter / Wife - Nail card, massage card - make it a whole day out sort of thing, like a Pamper pack!

Bother / Father / Son / Husband - Hardware card, Supercheap / Repco card, Fishing store / BFC card, card for a six pack at BWS...

For this one, I've just included some cute tags, but you could include as many gift cards as you wish.. And you can use on of the slots for a tag for the message too.. Whether it be Christmas, Birthday, Thank you, Anniversary or a "Just Because" ..

Options are endless and I've very much thinking about making more of these! Would be great to store your own gift cards in too.. Throw it in your handbag and know exactly where it is at all times.. No more having to search for where that one gift card is while standing at the checkout.. lol..

If you do make one of these, please do let me know!! I would LOVE to see it!!
Have a nice day, happy scrapping.. Toni.. xoxo

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