Friday, September 18, 2015

Birthday goodies for a friend

Recently a friend of mine celebrated ber 30th birthday with a truly lovely dinner at a local restaurant.
As her gift, I did up the favours and centerpieces for her..
The only requirements that I was given were LOTS OF CHOCOLATE and for PINK to be included in the colour scheme..   So I hope that I have done justice with these.. :) 

The Wine Glasses have Washi tape that match the Ferroro Rochers and some pink ribbon around the stem.. The top has the pink ribbon wrapped around it with a Thank You tag attached.. 
The glasses were a little more simple.. The Washi and ribbon were all wrapped around just above center of the glass.. 

The centerpiece is a small glass milk/water bottle.. I unattached the top lid thingy and wound a very long length of ribbon it.. It is filled with M&M's.. The base is very simply a Cake base and some gourmet chocolates..  

 I also made a special signature shadow box frame for all the guests to either write a message or just their name on.. 
Again, I stuck to the same ribbon as I used on the other projects..  
I used a silver piece of card making paper for the backing of the frame.. Then used a Heart punch and some glue.. Because it is a shadow box, the edges of the hearts can be raised for a 3D effect.. 

I would love for you to drop by my Facebook Crafting page some time.. I try to keep it updated in real time as much as possible.. No buying, just for inspirational ideas and projects.. 

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