Sunday, September 20, 2015

Acetate Exploding Photo box for Hunter

Crazy Kid

After having so much fun creating my first Acetate Exploding box, I knew I just had to make a boy themed one.. Hunter seemed to really like the first one, so thought it would be a nice idea to make this one especially for him.. 
 It features many photos of him from some special moments throughout the first half of this year.. I have done alot of journaling too, making it a very interactive box for him to proudly play with.. 

The background / the first layer of the box features his very first student award at school and his first "mini half time" game at the local AFL club.. Twice a year the little players get to show off their skills for a mini game during the half time break of the Seniors games.. 

The next layer showcases him receiving a special particiation trophy for his swimming.. All under 7s got a trophy for their efforts.. He is also showing off the cool as swim bag that his swim team win for the most points in the club challenges.. 
The photo of the right was taken at his first ANZAC day march.. 

Next is the final layer.. It features a photo of Hunter in the hospital ER from when he fell off the fort at school and cut the back of his head open.. It was quite a distressing incident, but he came out the otherside quite fine.. :) 
Then lastely is his very proud photo of showing off his beloved SIPAHH straws.. He LOVES these flavoured milk straws.. And is very excitingly now a part of their Sipahh Kids club.. 

The papers I have used are all from Coco Vanilla.. I absolutely love their collections and think it is absolutely wonderful to have another Aussie paper manufacturer! 

All of the chipboard have come from Memory Maze.. They have been painted and inked. One of the best things about Memory Maze, is that they package the chipboard so generously. So I get to use some of the chipboard on several different projects before I run out of that product.

Memory Maze products used; 


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