Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Fairy Garden February

Update - Here are the newest photos from our Fairy Garden project...
These photos were captured on the weekend just past.. Hunter wanted very much to go out and play, but it was very hot in the direct sunlight, so we decided after only about 2min that we would come back out in the evening with there was shade, so I do apologies for some photos being half dark..

We put in some small square pavers so Hunter can now walk around his large fairy pot and play without stirring up all the sand.. lol..

We built some little yards for the mini fairy houses..

As you can see, we managed to get the entire garden top covered with sand... Much better now when we get some rain!

Hunter got to make up his very own fairy garden pot.. It's actually quite large!

Hunter playing with the Fairies and Dinosaurs..
There was a whole story that went along with this.. lol..

Apparently even the small dinosaurs need some shade and a house to escape the weather!

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