Sunday, October 25, 2015

Hunter's MARVEL creations - part 2


Our third project was another first.. It's the first time we had attempted a Pyramid Explosion box.. I had a little more input to this one, with putting it together.. Hunter finished off this wooden car while I did the parts that he couldn't / wouldn't do.. 

Hunter'S MARVEL Creations

The last project (for now anyway.. lol)  is this super awesome Iron Man Advent / Storage box.. This is the first time that I have made this style of storage box.. Although a little time consuming, I think the next time will be much quicker now that I know what I'm doing..


 We only used one piece of 12x12 paper, an offcut of cardstock on the bottom, washi tape & brads for the boxes and some black paint to ground it all and bring it together..
Hunter didn't help overly much with this one, as he was proudly making his own mini storage project with some leftover matchboxes.. 

Hunter and I would love for you to drop by our  Facebook crafting page to be kept up to date with his / my latest projects..
Thanks for your time again, Toni & Hunter.. xoxo

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