Friday, October 23, 2015

Hunter's MARVEL creations - part 1


I was very thankful to have picked up a fantastic 12x12 MARVEL's paper pad for Hunter recently.. I knew that he would LOVE it!!  Lane was never really into Superheros like Hunter is, so it's been fun finally being able to make alot of Superhero related craft with him..

This post is going to feature some special creations that Hunter and I made just in the couple of weeks since I showed him the awesome Marvel papers..

Hunter's MARVEL creations

 The first project Hunter made 99% of it himself.. As the projects went on however, my involvement became more of a "do-er" role as Hunter's somehow became more of an "managing supervisiors" role.. lol..
This was our first attempt at a Bag in a Box project with some cards in there too..

We had so much fun that Hunter demanded the next day that we make some more Marvel "scrapbookings stuff" (as he calls it.. lol)
This time we made a tag book.. I seemed to have made this one more difficult than it needed to be, but once we worked out a simple and very easy way of making it, Hunter was able to do the majority of this project too..

I really do hope that you will drop by my Facebook crafting page sometime soon and "like" our projects.. I try to share as many as I can in real time.. I would love to know if any of my / our projects ever inspire you to make your own..

Thanks for letting us share the Marvel projects with you today, hope you've enjoyed the creativity..
Toni and Hunter.. xoxo

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