Saturday, October 3, 2015

Christmas themed birdcage

Christmas Cage

Using the recent released Kaiser, Silver Bells collection I have made this fun and cute Bird Cage creation.

Start off by cutting the circles for the base of the cage from the plain chipboard sheets. 
I have used a 3 inch diameter base.. 

I used the off cuts from the sheet of chipboard to make the squares, which act as fillers for some height.. 

Glue it all together then placed two cardstock circles on top and on the bottom.. Wrap a half inch strip of cardstock around the circles to keep it all together and it gives the cage something to stick to later on.. Because this is a really nice and soft Christmas themed creation, I used some glue around the inside edge and spread out some White Fluff to give a light Snow sort of look.. 


Then cut even strips of paper to make the cage. Cut 6 strips.. The measurements are really up to you.. I used a point between 1/4 & 1/2 inch.. In total, the 6 strips were a total of 2".. 
Fan the strips out in a star shape and stick the center together, I used glue dots and then a split pin. 

Once the center is decorated, you can add the cage over the top by sticking each leg of the star down to the base. Place another strip of paper over that so you conceal them. 

Remember that it is always a good idea to make sure that the back of your creations are decorated also, especially when it's a piece that can be picked up and inspected closely. 

For this piece of chipboard, I have coated it in glue and covered with the Distress Glitter.. Once dry I sprayed both sides with the pink mist, then spot sprayed it with a teal mist that I custom made and lightly re-dusted with some glitter again. 

The corner flourishes were simply painted Grey.

Memory Maze products used

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