Sunday, August 30, 2015

Small Treat Boxes

Like many weekend nights, there is music playing somewhere around my estate and I'm finding it hard to sleep.. Not because of the music though, just because I'm generally a horrible sleeper.. lol.. 
Anyway, I took this to my advantage as many crafters do and headed for my craft desk.. 

I have saved a pin on Pinterest a few days ago featuring a Treat Box.. It is so super simple that I thought I'd give it a go since I wasn't keen on starting a big project.. 

These are so easy! 
Use 1 squared piece of cardstock or pattern paper, score it into 9 equal sqaures, then score a diagonial line from the middle square corners to the outer corner square points.. Fold the score lines and done! 😊. 

The one I saw on Pinterest were 12x12, but that was way too huge for me tonight.. So I downsized and used a 6x6 square base..  Actually I just used some pattern pieces from a paper pad.. 
I had so much fun that I made 4 boxes.. 

I'm not entirely sure if I've actually finished these two.. I was starting to get a little tired, so my creative imagination side was getting a bit drained from the first time makes.. lol
I do hope that you can find some inspiration in these to make your own! You can add paper to the middle also, so it's not white if you wish.. 

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Good night and happy weekend! Toni.. xoxo

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