Thursday, December 18, 2014

Teachers Christmas Gifts

Have you made handmade gifts this year??
In this post, I would love to share with you the gifts that the boys and I made for their teachers this year....
First up are the gifts for Hunter's Kindy teachers.. These ladies have smashed our expectations of Hunter this year.. As he is the youngest possible age for the class, we didn't hold him to great expectations and were open minded incase he needed help or even if he would need to repeat the year.. However they pushed him along and have totally blown our minds and filled our hearts as we look at our little boy and know that he will be ok for Prep next year..
These are just normal 5x7 photo frames with note pad paper inside instead of a photo..
Hunter helped me glue on the flowers and bling.. While using a whiteboard marker, it turns the glass into a dry erase board for quick notes.. :)

These jars were packaged with a post-it note pad and a pen, plus a letter to explain that once the chocolate is gone that the jar can then be used as an "AWESOME 2015" keeper.. As the year goes on, they can write and store special happens from the year and at the end of the year it can be emptied and read to reflect on the awesome year that was.. :)
Next are the gifts for Lane's teachers..
Followers of my blog would have already seen this canvas.. We made this featuring the photo of Lane's teachers grandmother that past away in the September holidays.. We gave it to her as a Christmas gift, she was very emotional and thankful.. :)

Finally, this one is an electric candle in a glass jar surrounded by candy canes.. :)
Lane chose a scented battery operated candle instead of a traditional flame candle due to safety.. Which I thought was quite insightful for an 11year old.. lol..

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