Monday, December 22, 2014

Crafty Hunter

With school holidays comes extra crafting time, well for my boys anyway.. Not so much me.. lol
So today, this post is showcasing Hunter's crafty happenings last week since he has been on holidays.. :)
Here he is very proudly showing off is paper boat.. :)
We found a YouTube video for the instructions on how to fold it..
Then he added a little box to the box to stick the straw in for the pole and washi for the flag.. He then put  large button on it too for a "seat"..
Next was ALOT of Glitter and KindyGlitz.. lol..
He wrote "H" on it for it's name and inked the top edges too.. (after photo was taken)
This is his flat paper plane.. He has cut the paper with the paper trimmer  / torn it..
Some glue and staples to keep it together..
Ink, bling and stamps for embellishments..

Lastly, he is making an awesome "tractor" out of a paper towel roll..
He has used ALOT of 3D tape (much to my horror!)..
About 10 buttons for the wheels.. lol
Glitter, Liquid Pearls and stamping for the embellishments..  

Thank you very much for stopping by today.. Hunter I'm sure would love any feedback that you leave him.. :)
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