Thursday, July 21, 2016

June / July 2016 Holiday crafts

As some of you may know, I've been very lucky to share my passion for crafting with some of the local kids.. These past school holidays were filled with amazing projects created by these crafters.. From as young as 2yrs old and through to Mum's.. They all had a blast,  SO DID I!!!!  :)

Getting Set Up

There are a lot of hours spent organising the classroom, packing the "craft to you" box and getting all of the kits ready / repackaged. Thankfully I had my helper there most of the time to make my job easier.. Thank you Hunter! :)

Classroom set for the Mixed Media Canvas.

"Craft To You"

Kits ready for the second week.

Classroom set up for the Lip Gloss holder card + Post It Note holder frame. 

Having Fun

Many SMILES with the finished projects


by Scrap Crazy - Custom Creations. 

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