Friday, April 22, 2016

Swim Champ Canvas

Wow, check out these awesome new Memory Maze chipboard designs!!
Swim team  110 x 180mm    swimming team carnival, Min buy 3
Swim words,  110 x 180 mm  min buy 3
Swim, 110 x 180,
SWIM stencil 110 x 180mm
Today, I get to share with you a project I made using a couple of these pieces.
This canvas features my oldest son Lane, whom is the new 2016 CQ Champ for 12yr old Backstroke!
He actually had a terrible swim, but it was still good enough to beat his competition by quite a decent margin..
The photos on the left are from one of the State Championships in Brisbane. The photos on the right are actually from the carnival in Gladstone where he recorded his PB for this event (quite a bit quicker than what he swam in Rockhampton for the CQ Champs).

To start off with, I prepped the base of the canvas with some plain white gesso.. I then sprayed with two Gold mists and a blue.. I went over the top with some Goosebumps spray and a wonderful sprinkling of Distress Clear Rock glitter.. This baby SHINES! :) 
For the chipboard pieces, I used the following products and techniques;
*Ribbon - Blue "fluff" to give a Felt feel. Black ink for the inner circle.
*1- Gold ink
*perfection - Dipped in multiple layers of silver Opal embossing powder and then drizzled with Gold embossing powder.
*Lane Ropes - both are covered with multiple layers of the Silver Opal embossing powder
Here is the effect of the two different embossing powders on "perfections" and the awesome felt look with the "fluff" on the blue first place ribbon.
Although I have used Thickers for the title, you can easily achieve the same effect with Memory Maze Alphas with either some Gold Opal embossing powders / normal Gold embossing powder with Dimensional magic / gold ink with Dimensional magic.
I decided to make the Lane Ropes the silver instead of traditional colours as the Metallic look was really flowing for me..

The canvas was finished off with the Memory Maze swimmer stencil. I turned it upside down and on a slight angle to look somewhat like a Backstroker.. Last touches were three clusters of random swimming words. I did ink the edges of the photos very subtly with some black ink. Not very noticeable, but very defining aspect between the colourful canvas base and the colours in the photos.
I would like to say a very big THANK YOU to Memory Maze and Sally for allowing me to have a little bit of creative input with these swimming designs. I appreciate the opportunity very much, especially with something like this as it is so close to my heart. I love watching my boys swim and get overwhelmed with pride when I see Lane reach yet another goal or achievement!
Memory Maze products used;

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